Digital Artifacts: OKPC

August 10, 2022

Perhaps some things are best left unexplained, but for better or worse I’ll try to unravel

OKPC was created by @shahruz, @scotato and @cj_pais. I purchased 12 units on You’ll find units for sale on OS and LookRare as well.

okpc hyper display

When you collect a unit it comes with a preinstalled artwork on its hyper display, which is 24×16 pixels. Using the dapp you can draw and add your own artwork. One token stores up to 512 artworks, and you can display any one of these at a time.

okpc artwork

Once you own a unit you can purchase other people’s artwork and store them in it, and display it on your unit’s hyper display if you choose.

okpc gremplin

There’s an impressive list of contributors including Gremplin and other familiar crypto degens.

okpc traits

The traits are fun, be sure to take a closer look. I’m told symmetrical speakers are highly sought after.

okpc tataku tribe

I chose the Tataku tribe ghouls Marimba, Thump, and Snare for my contribution. You can view them in the OKPC gallery.

OKPC is an awesome example of what art can be on a web3 platform.