Ghoul HQ Discord

September 23, 2021

Discord? You know, that place where you go to mute new servers and close an endless stream of nefarious DMs? Where one wrong click will empty your wallet and rob you of that coveted pfp of a pink cat in a dumpster that you paid $3.5k for?

Despite the pitfalls though, Discord is a beautiful thing. Online community on tap. Forging an amazing online community used to be a strike of lightning – a rare act of magic. Now we get to pick and choose.

Since the Ghoul project began in March 2021 we’ve used Discord to run Ghoul HQ. It’s where almost all Ghoul projects and artist commissions have been run, and I’ve somehow managed to post an update every week for the last 6 months. If you want to know what’s happening with Ghoul, the first place to look is our Discord.

In September I opened up the Discord to everyone. Anybody can chat in the Community section, and Ghoul NFT holders also get access to the studio section, where all the magic happens.

If you’ve made this far, I strongly recommend jumping in! Here’s the invite

You’ll need to verify yourself and accept the house rules (appropriate footwear, don’t feed the ghouls etc), then jump into #general and please say hello.


Ghoul Discord