Ghoul Site Launch

June 25, 2021

IT’S HERE! The Ghoul online store has launched with lots of ghoulish goodies. I am frothing at the mouth that this is finally live, drooling big mountains of bubbly white foam all over my desk like a rabid on-heat chihuahua.

The skateboards, the trading cards, the voxel diorama posters, the digital collectibles for the non-fungibles among us. There’s something for everyone.

Since Ghoul began in March this year I’ve gotten more than a little carried away, investing eye-bag inducing amounts of time and eye-watering amounts of money to build something I believe deeply in. The online store is how I make this project sustainable. Every poster and trading card purchased helps me to continue building these strange little monsters and the universe they live in. So please, fill up yer cart and wait for some surprises in the mail, you’ll get some goodies but you’re also investing in something wild.

Shout outs to Shankar, based in Tamil Nadu, who worked on the store implementation and delivers his work with calm and composure. Jez Bogan for helping me to produce the skateboards and trading cards in China, you went above and beyond. Roby Gould never stops surprising me with her voxel dioramas, the world of Ghoul would be so much smaller without you. Alex Semeniuk, so patient and talented, produced the digital cards. Tudor and Ioana, thanks for the great work on the animations.

The items you see in the store here are just the beginning, sign up for updates and you’ll get an email when the next big thing arrives.

Have a look around and thank you!

Craig Rozynski
Creator of Ghouls

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